• 2011-04-02

    Berlin / April, 2011 / MUT ZUR WUT 2011

    MUT ZUR WUT 2011



    International poster contest and free public exhibition.




    "Mut zur Wut" ("Courage to rage") gives designers (graphic designers, design studios, agencies and students) the opportunity to create a poster on a theme of their choice. Designers have approximately two months to submit their entries, which will be selected for exhibition by an international jury.

    The posters will then go on show for one month in public in the city of Heidelberg.



    Entrants are completely free in the choice of topic for their poster design. However, to suit the motto of the exhibition "Mut zur Wut", the subject must have some form of critical, social or personal reference and must be depicted in the form of a graphical or 

    illustrative motif.

    The entries selected for exhibition will be printed on DIN A1-sized posters (size: 594x840 mm), and the submitted image must be able to be printed in this format.

    The contest can only accept the entries in the following format: .pdf / .tif file at a resolution of 300

    dpi, A1 and 3mm bleed. See upload instructions on WWW.MUTZURWUT.DE


    Alternatively, entries can also be submitted by mail to:

    gggrafik design, Götz Gramlich, Treitschkestrasse 03, 69115 Heidelberg



    Following the submission stage, a panel of experts will rate and select the 30 entries that will go on exhibition. The jury reserves the right to exclude previously published works and obvious works of plagiarism from the contest. The selected works will go on exhibition from August 15 - September 14 2011 as DIN A1-sized posters in public spaces in Heidelberg. During the 

    course of the exhibition, the public will also vote for their favourite posters, and the winners will be awarded an audience prize at

    the end of the exhibition.



    The posters will be selected by an international jury, appointed by the organizers of the exhibition.

    The posters will be selected in Heidelberg from July 1 - 3 2011. MEMBERS 


    Jianping He, Germany

    Yossi Lemel, Israel

    Klaus Staeck, Germany

    Niklaus T roxler, Switzerland



    Entrants consent to having their images published in all international print and electronic media, including the Internet, as well as having their image displayed as part of the public exhibition.If the entrant is not the copyright holder, they must obtain the copyright from the proper holder.



    After the exhibition, the selected posters will be archived for use at other exhibitions in Germany and may still be used.





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