• 2012-08-29

    Slovenia / Septemper, 2012 /In-between He Jianping Solo Exhibition by NLB Gallery

    In-between He Jianping Solo Exhibition by NLB Gallery
    Date: 20.9 - 8.11, 2012
    Lecture: Wednesday, 19.9. 2012, 20:00-21:00
    Opening Ceremony: Thurday, 20.9. 2012, 20:00-21:30
    Address: NLB Gallery Avla, Trg republike 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia


    Design is the extension of aesthetic pleasure to the recipient of a piece of information after it is clearly conveyed. Such ‘pleasure’ will naturally lift the audience’s aesthetic standards after quantitative accretion to a certain point. The problem is what kind of aesthetic could bring ‘pleasure’ to the audience? There should be many kinds. Some demonstrate an aesthetic intensity in the principle ‘less is more’. Some create beauty through very convoluted processes. Some establish order in chaos and dins and others can strike astonishment into peace and harmony….Yet the embodiment of an aesthetic should be a concern of good design, regardless of the designer’s own inclinations and predilections. All the paths should lead to one destination – the height of achievement is determined by the designer’s own schooling. A good design is the perfect combination of the creative idea and the aesthetic standard.


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