• 2012-11-20

    America / November, 2012 / Poster of the Week, ROCKPAPERINK

    ROCKPAPERINK Poster of the Week
    Jianping He
    Author: John Foster

    Designer: Jianping He
    Client: Four Zero Art Space
    Size: 33.11 x 46.61 inches
    Printing Process: Screenprint
    Number of Inks: One

    I have long been fascinated with designer Jianping He's ability to make a seemingly benign photograph, using only a black-and-white print as his final display, into an incredibly complex and sophisticated final piece. It may be his uses of shadows, or creating a dimensional interplay with his placement of type, hiding it behind a mountain, or peeking out of the morning haze. In a funny way, he has a lot in common with the man featured in this poster.
    Promoting American designer Keith Godard's solo exhibition, "Unfolding Keith Godard," in Hangzhou, China, Jianping keeps it simple in a way that he has mastered, while taking a new spin on Godard's ribbons of whitespace. "Thinking of Godard's well-known use of three-dimensional concepts,the poster seeks to bind the designer and his typial style of working, expressing the idea of his three-dimensional interplay through a very two-dimensional way," he explains.
    Disecting a simple portrait, with added linear texture, he creates an amazing interplay as the shapes cascade down and create visual layers—some held tight, while others float. It is a simple act, done in such a way, and with a talented hand, so that it creates an incredible amount of interplay via such a simple procedure. His type continues the Godard homage, while he also creates a formality to the whole thing with his type at the bottom right.
    The final poster manages to pull off the impossible. It is undeniably "Godard," while also being undeniably "He." It is also undeniably "amazing."
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    設計師何見平,他有一種讓圖片"看起來" 平易近人的本領,僅用黑白打印的方式,最終呈現的作品卻是令人難以置信地成熟地道,長久以來我為他的這種能力所吸引。也許是因為他對陰影的運用,又或者是對圖片的立體處理方式,掩映在山巒,或是在清晨的薄霧中窺視。有趣的是,他與海報中的主人公有著許多的共同點。

    為美籍設計師Keith Godard的杭州個展“立體平面人-Keith Godard" 宣傳,見平維持了他一貫擅長的簡潔處理方式,將Gordard以帶狀留白式進行旋轉切割。“考慮到Godard為大家所熟知的三維立體概念, 該海報尋求通過對設計師及其典型風格的結合,以一種二維的方式來表達三維立體的概念”, 他解釋道。


    一切的不可能在最終海報中都成為可能。是不可置辯的"Godard", 是"He"。 更是毋庸置疑的“令人讚嘆”。


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