• 2014-09-27

    Ukraine / Sep, 2014 / 何见平担任第九届乌克兰“4TH BLOCK”国际生态海报三年展评委



    第九届乌克兰“4TH BLOCK”国际生态海报三年展评委分别Jianping He (德国)、Andrey Logvin (俄罗斯)、Lech Majewski (波兰)、Keizo Matsui (日本)、Mariya Norazyan (乌克兰)


    IX International Eco-poster Triennial "the 4th Block"

    “…to rebehold the stars”
    Dante Alighieri


    The Triennial is conducted under the aegis of

    International Council of Graphic Design Association (ICOGRADA)
    International Biennales Coordinating Committee (IBCC)


    Organizer of the Triennial

    Association of Graphic Designers "the 4th Block"


    President of the Triennial

    Oleg Veklenko


    Main venue

    Contemporary Art Centre “Yermilov Centre”
    Kharkiv, Ukraine
    April 15-30, 2015



    Centre of European Culture “Dante Centro” (Kharkiv)
    Contemporary Art Centre “Yermilov Centre” (Kharkiv)
    “Golden Bee” Graphic Designers Support Fund (Moscow)
    Heinrich Boll Stiftung
    Kharkiv Municipal Art Gallery
    Kharkiv Public Organization “Union of Chornobyl”
    Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts
    Kharkov Organization of the Union of Designers of Ukraine
    Polish Consulate-General in Kharkiv


    Organizing committee

    Oleg Veklenko (Kharkiv)
    Oleg Veklenko (Kharkiv)
    Alexander Filonenko (Kharkiv)
    Natalia Ivanova (Kharkiv)
    Volodymyr Lesniak (Kharkiv)
    Daria Titarenko (Kharkiv)
    Ekaterina Vershynina (Odessa)
    Olga Tereschenko (Kyiv)
    Aliona Solomadina (Kyiv)
    Olga Severina (Los-Angeles)


    Internationals judges

    Jianping He (Germany)
    Andrey Logvin (Russia)
    Lech Majewski (Poland)
    Keizo Matsui (Japan)
    Mariya Norazyan (Ukraine)


    Selection committee

    Tatiana Borzunova (Ukraine)
    Iliya Pavlov (Ukraine)
    Olena Staranchuk (Ukraine)
    Ula Janowska (Poland)
    Jan Bajtlik (Poland)
    Filip Tofil (Poland)


    Graphic design supervisor

    Daria Titarenko – GRAFPROM studio


    In XIV century in the inscription over the gates of hell was introduced to the cultural memory of mankind, invoking to give up hope before entering into any disastrous experience. But there is something more profound for the modern man than a tragic abyss, one of the symbols of which will always remain Chornobyl. That is why final words of Dante's "Inferno" today are no less important – pass through the Catastrophe :… to rebehold the stars", and to understand – "trouble" can never be the last word about the man.



    1 - "Ecology of the Earth"

    - Newly created posters dedicated to the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, anti-nuclear and anti-war issues, global environmental problems and their solutions (water, air, environment, noise and visual pollution, plastic and oil in the environment, ecology and sustainable development, reducing "ecological footprint", alternative energy sources, etc.). The minimum size is 60x90 cm.


    2 - "Human Ecology"

    - Posters, reflecting humanity, kindness and hope - everything that allows a person to rediscover the beginning of Life inside the Catastrophe (including social posters dedicated to the rights and freedoms protection of the individual in modern society). The minimum size is 60x90 cm.


    3 - "Ecology of Culture"

    It is dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the writing of the first part of "The Divine Comedy"by Dante Alighieri – "Inferno".
    - Posters specially created for the 700th anniversary of the medieval masterpiece: "Dante – "Inferno" here and now" (format 70x100 cm);
    - Cultural and entertainment posters, theater and movie posters dedicated to the works of Dante.


    Admission and selection of works will take place in two stages:


    Stage 1

    Submit files of works (size: 30 cm on the big side, 300 dpi, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, a color model RGB) and filled entryform files by e-mail: association4block@gmail.com


    Stage 2

    Lists of selected papers will be published on the website www.4block.org, and the authors of the posters will be further informed by e-mail about it. After that printed copies of works and filled original entryform will need to send by the post.


    Printing technique is any.
    The minimum size is 60x90 cm


    Works should be dated
    2012 – 2015


    The competition accepts works from the individual authors as well as from teams of artists and designers. Triennials participation is free of charge


    Entry submition deadline
    December 15, 2014


    Grand Prix
    Diplomas and special awards in each nomination


    Awards Ceremony

    The awards ceremony will take place on April 26th, 2015



    The illustrated catalogue will be published on results of the exhibition.



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