• 2010-06-01

    Warsawa / June 2010 / "New Face-The Poster of new generation from China"

    "New Face-The Poster of new generation from China"

    a exhibition of 22nd International Poster Biennale in Warsawa

    Opening: 6 p.m., 3. June 2010
    Exhibition: 3-17. June 2010

    Nizio Gallery
    ul. Inżynierska 3 lok. 4
    03410 Warszawa, Poland

    Curator: Jianping He

    Bai Zhiwei (Shenzhen)
    Chao Sio-Leong (Macao)
    Chen Bob (Hangzhou)
    Chen Zheng-Da (Hangzhou)
    Chu Wei-Cheng (Taipei)
    Ding Feng-Ru (Ningbo)
    Hong Chong-Ip (Macao)
    Huang Young-Gang (Beijing)
    Huang Hsien-Hsun (Taipei)
    Huang Kuo-Yu (Taipei)
    Jiang Yan (Xian)
    Lee Bob (Macao)
    Liao Wei (Taipei)
    Lin Datsu (Taipei)
    Li Ying-Wei (Taiyuan)
    More (Shanghai)
    Xia Wenxi (Xian)
    Ye Chang-Chun (Ningbo)

    by Poster & Catalogue:
    Designer: Jianping He
    Model: Chen Weigai
    Photographer: Yao Shuai
    Make-up: Zhou Zhou
    Assistant: John Dai
    Catalogue: A5, 15 Euro

    Background of this poster:
    On April 6th, 2010, I received the email from Lech and Maria that invites me to be the curator of the China Posters Exhibition of the 22nd IPB. In order to arrange a young China designer poster exhibition, I'm supposed to introduce those excellent new faces that are not well known in public yet. For this exhibition, I’d figured out the poster design for a long time, while the business trips began from Berlin to Beijing, from Beijing to Taiwan, from Taiwan to Hangzhou. During this exhausting trip, I had no good creativity conquering myself – not until the day I enjoyed a meal together with several friends in a restaurant in Hangzhou. I’m moved by the waitress who is quite hardworking, happy, and healthy. However, I'm familiar with this kind of face, which represents optimistic China – a face full of business energy similar to graphic design in China. In the process of developing business, China has established its own feature – everything is optimistic, hardworking and thriving. Hence, I rent the building where there is a photographed bridal couture on the Hangzhou shop street, and hire a young photographer for bridal couture as well as his make-up, to shoot the face I met. I'd like to make use of the atmosphere and characters in contemporary China. However, when Ms. Chen Weigai, who is working for the restaurant, came to the appointment, she still thinks this situation is fraud, so she took one boyfriend and three girlfriends with her - it shocks me indeed. And she calls her mother by mobile every 20 minutes to tell her the situation.
    2010年4月6日, Lech 和Maria来信,邀请我在22nd IPB上策划一个中国海报展览。我第一反应要策划一个展示年轻中国设计师的海报展览,介绍那些优秀却尚未被人们熟悉的new Face。为这个展览的海报设计,我想了很久,一路出差一路想来,从柏林想到北京,从北京想到台湾,从台湾又想到杭州,一段疲惫的旅行,苦苦冥想但还是没有想到能说服自己的创意。直到我在杭州一家饭店,招待几位朋友用餐时,被这位服务员小姐勤奋,快乐而健康的面孔打动,我觉得这个面孔令我熟悉,它是现代中国乐观,创业中的面孔,犹如平面设计在中国,也是在创业中,也在逐渐建立自己的风格。一切都那么乐观向上,那么欣欣向荣。我在杭州商业街上租了一家拍婚纱的影楼,聘用一位年轻的婚纱照摄影师和他的化妆师为我拍摄这张面孔,我想在画面中尽量多些中国当前的气质和特征。当这位在饭店工作的陈未改小姐应约而来时,还是令我大吃一惊,她因为怀疑这个拍摄工作也许是一个骗局,携了她的一位男友和三位女友一同前来,并每20分钟通过手机向她的妈妈汇报一次现状。


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