• 2010-09-27

    Berlin / September 2010 / Kein Mensch ist Illegal (No man is illegal)

    It's been four years, I noticed in the intersection of Turmstrasse and Stromstrasse, on the wall of Humana second-hand store, someone sprayed this sentence, with dry and naive brushstrokes, large and melancholic words which you can hear the hiss while looking at it. It's obvious that it's a one go calligraphy, written without any experience in calligraphy but with courageous attitude. In this four years I read the sentence in my mind overtime passing by. The wall with the sentence was accompanying with the middle-aged women shopping home, the white hair old lady with her walking device, the turkish lady holding a LV handbag with a scarf warped on her hair, the black teenager with his over-sized outfit and a gold necklace, the robust man with a green tattoo sitting on his classic convertible. The melancholy of reading the sentence made me forget where I was.
    This year in August, I was invited by Götz Gramlich to participate in a street poster activity held in Heidelberg. The theme is “Mut zur Wut" (www.mutzurwut.de), 16 designers could decide issues they are concerned with and create a poster. I finally convert this sentence I kept in mind for four years into this poster.

    今年8月,Götz Gramlich邀請我參加一個在Heidelberg舉辦的街頭海報活動,活動主題是“Mut zur Wut" (www.mutzurwut.de),16位設計師可以自己決定關注的問題,以此創作一件海報。我終於把這句縈繞我4年的句子,轉化為了這件海報。

    Model of Poster: Shan Liu
    Photographer of portraits: Yao Shuai
    Photographer of street: Edgar Ying
    Make-up: Zhou Zhou
    ©hesign 2010

    Kein Menschist illegal | Jianping He


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